Monday, May 21, 2012

Bollywood in the D - A Huge Success!

Bollywood in the D - view of the stage for this multi-media production

 Bollywood in the D was a huge success by all accounts:
  1.   A great cross-cultural collaboration between Indian musicians and the Michigan Philharmonic
  2.  A multi-cultural audience made up of a cross- section of people from all over the Detroit Metro Area
  3.   A nearly sold-out house demonstrated the interest in this unique collaboration
  4.  New partnerships created between many groups who worked together to help get the word out about this concert
  5. Music IS a universal language!!

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  1. It was also the first film where a mother-in-law and daughter in law where shown discussing their problems in the night over a peg or two of rum- a coming of age of relationships as well perhaps. Media Entertaiment